National Fitness Center – Case Study


The client was a chain of fitness centers with 700+ locations in the United States and Canada.


The client wanted to increase brand awareness among new potential customers who lived in close proximity to their fitness center locations.


We combined the power of direct mail and digital advertising with a geo-fencing strategy in a five-week campaign.

A direct mail piece that included a coupon offer was delivered to over 7 million households. We used the mailing data to draw plat lines around the addresses that received the mailer. From there, we were able to identify the household devices associated with that address and serve digital ads to those devices.


Once the ads were served, we were able to capture the id’s of the devices (excluding all PII) that received impressions and track them to the fitness center location they visited in the campaign period.

The campaign achieved a 13% response rate in click-throughs and a 16.47% response rate in fitness center visits.